Our research is currently supported by the Office of Naval ResearchFall Competition funds from Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundationand startup funds from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the College of Engineering, and the Graduate School at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. We have also recently received funds from the National Science Foundation through the Major Research Instrumentation program to bring a new electron-beam lithography system to Wisconsin. 

Support research and higher education

If you or your organization are interested in supporting our research and education efforts, please send an email to mkats [at] wisc.edu with "Funding" in the subject. If you would like to support a project in a particular field (e.g. solar energy, flat optics, efficient lighting, etc) or a particular type of researcher (e.g. undergraduate, graduate, or postdoc) then please include that information. We will make sure that your contribution is widely attributed and acknowledged -- or you can remain anonymous if you wish.