Group Leader

Mikhail Kats [Google Scholar]
BS (Engineering Physics), Cornell University; SM, Ph.D (Applied Physics), Harvard University
Recent awards: Office of Naval Research Young Investigator, Forbes "30 under 30"

1415 Engineering Drive, Room 3441, Madison, WI 53706   
email: mkats [at] wisc [dot] edu
phone: 608 890 3984

Graduate Students

Brad Gundlach
BS (Engineering Physics), University of Wisconsin - Madison
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow
Engineering Hall, Room 2336   
email: bsgundlach [at] wisc [dot] edu

Chenghao Wan
BS (Physics), Peking University; MS (Materials Science), University of Wisconsin - Madison
Engineering Hall, Room 2336   
email: cwan3 [at] wisc [dot] edu

Patrick Roney
BS (Electrical Engineering), University of New Mexico
Sandia National Labs Critical Skills Master's Program Fellow 
Engineering Hall, Room 2336   
email: proney [at] wisc [dot] edu

Jad Salman
BS (Electrical Engineering), University of Wisconsin - Madison
Frank Rogers Bacon Fellow
Engineering Hall, Room 2336   
email: jsalman [at] wisc [dot] edu

Alireza Shahsafi
BS (Electrical Engineering), University of Tehran
Engineering Hall, Room 2336   
email: shahsafi [at] wisc [dot] edu

Zhaoning (April) Yu
BS (Physics), University of Science and Technology of China (USTC)
Engineering Hall, Room 2336   
email: zyu83 [at] wisc [dot] edu

Raymond Wambold
BS (Physics) and MS (Materials Science), Penn State University
Wisconsin Distinguished Graduate Fellow
Engineering Hall, Room 2336   
email: rwambold [at] wisc [dot] edu

Postdoctoral Scholars

Yuzhe Xiao
BS (Physics), Harbin Institute of Technology; MS and PhD (Optics), University of Rochester
Postdoc (ECE), University of California - San Diego
Engineering Hall, Room 2336   
email: xiao5 [at] wisc [dot] edu

Visiting Scholars

Graham Joe
BS (expected) in Nanotechnology Engineering, University of Waterloo
Engineering Hall, Room 2336   
email: gjoe [at] wisc [dot] edu

UW Undergraduate Students

Anthony Wang
BS (expected) in Electrical and Computer Engineering
email: awang62 [at] wisc [dot] edu


Manuel Martinez
Intern [Summer 2016]
UW-Madison Graduate Engineering Scholars (GERS) Summer Fellow

Presently: finishing up his BS in ECE at UT - El Paso

email: mfmartinez4 [at] miners [dot] utep [dot] edu

Nolan Urbanek
Undergraduate researcher [Fall 2016]