Our research has been featured in variety of popular science magazines, major news outlets, and well-read news aggregators. Here is a sampling over the years:

[2018] Our work on giant optical anisotropy has been highlighted by Materials Today and the News and Views section of Nature Photonics.

[2018] Mikhail has been profiled by ASEE Prism Magazine as one of the top 20 "Young Pacesetters" under 40 years of age

[2017] Our work on enhancing human color vision has been featured in New Scientist, Discover Magazine, Daily Mail, Digital TrendsSpektrum der Wissenschaft (de), Galileo (de), as well as on TV on our local CBS affiliate station News 3

[2016] Mikhail has been selected for Forbes Magazine's 30 Under 30 list in the Science category

[2014] Mikhail has been profiled by the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences for his PhD and postdoctoral work.

[2013] Our work on anomalous thermal emission was highlighted in Science News, Physics World, International Business Times, MRS Bulletin, and a variety of foreign publications such as New Scientist (nl), Vesti (ru), One Magazine (es), and Zeit (de).

[2012] Our first paper on ultra-thin color coatings was highlighted in the Huffington Post, Wired, and Optics and Photonics News and internationally in Galileo (it), La Recherche (fr), and others.

[2012] The first demonstration of flat lenses based on metasurfaces was highlighted in the Economist, Wired, Daily Mail, Physics World, Laser Focus World, Kurzweil AI, and dozens of other domestic and international publications.

[2011] Our work on the modified laws of reflection and refraction was covered by NBC News, the International Business Times, and internationally by ABC (es), Membrana (ru), Ansa (it), and many others.

For media inquiries please contact mkats [at] wisc [dot] edu