We are always looking for exceptional student researchers (graduate and undergraduate), postdocs, and visiting scholars. 

We recruit from many areas of science and engineering including electrical engineering, physics, applied physics, and materials science. Experience with benchtop optical experiments, micro- and nano-fabrication, and optical/optoelectronic simulations is desired but not necessarily required. 

Please contact Mikhail directly by email (mkats [at] wisc [dot] edu) with your CV, a description of your research interests, and a list of references. If you have (or have applied for) independent funding, please include that information in your message. An independent funding source will increase your chances, since it frees up funds for other research expenditures.

For prospective grad students: The ECE department at UW Madison has a December 15 deadline every year, though applications may be received at other times under exceptional circumstances. You can also apply for the Materials Science & Engineering or Physics departments, where I hold affiliate positions. 

For prospective master's students: If you are applying for an MS and are interested in doing research as part of your degree ("Thesis Option" or "Project Option"), please contact Mikhail directly by email. MS students who work with us for multiple semesters can expect to become authors or co-authors on scientific publications. Unfortunately, RA funding is quite limited, and is rarely available for MS students.

For prospective interns or visiting scholars: We are hesitant to bring in interns for less than four months, because achieving results in a shorter time frame is very challenging. If you are applying for an internship / visiting opportunity, please try to maximize your length of stay. 

Note: I receive many emails and it is sometimes difficult to respond to all of them, for which I apologize in advance. Please be assured that I do look through every CV that I receive.