ECE 219 - Analytical methods for electromagnetics engineering

[Spring 2019]

Required course for all ECE undergraduates, focusing on mathematical preparation for electrostatics and electrodynamics

ECE 601/901 - Nanophotonics

[Fall 2015] [Fall 2016] [Fall 2017]

Graduate level course in optics and photonics at nanometer and micrometer length scales

ECE 434 - Photonics

[Spring 2015] [Spring 2016] [Spring 2017] [Spring 2018]

ECE 434 is an introductory course on optics and photonics. The course is intended for seniors or graduate students from electrical engineering, physics, and related fields. For the official course description please see here. Please keep in mind that the course description may change somewhat. 

Graduate students and undergrads taking the course will be evaluated separately so that the graduate students can receive "Graduate Level" credit for taking the course.